We are facilitating a workshop at the inaugural Mindcamp Southwest. Join us to learn more about using your failures to succeed. March 1st- 4th in beautiful Oracle, Arizona.

Chelsea Hickok
Marketing Human

Chelsea handles marketing and business development services for Bad Craft. She enjoys nurturing and building relationships between local makers and hustlers and is passionate about critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving for clients. Chelsea has a background in teaching, fiction-writing, screen printing, content creation, editing, networking at weirdly intense happy hours, and also InDesign. She hikes, plays pinball, reads out loud to her dogs, and watches Mad Men while she paints her nails.

Ben Lewis
Design Human

Ben is a recovering academic with a background in design, business, and engineering. He specializes in design thinking workshops, innovative business models, and hands-on curriculum creation. His experience ranges from delivering sammies by bike to directing the education for a national chain of makerspaces, giving him an original and valuable point of view as both consumer and maker. Ben spends time biking around downtown PHX, working on his notoriously busted motorcycle, transplanting cacti, and hoarding project materials in his garage.

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