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We believe learning is best done with your hands.

We develop curriculum that excites the imagination and engages the mind. We believe that hands on curriculum should teach safety and application so that learners can start dreaming of how to use their newly learned skill to solve problems with personal impact. When someone is asking how to do something instead of why they have taken ownership of their own education and nothing will stop them.

We believe a business can respect its community and its profits.

We design business models that motivate our customers and uncover new revenue streams for businesses. We believe that non-profits can be profitable, that community shops can be successful, and that small businesses can be scalable. We use human-centered design research to identify customer wants, employee obstacles, and industry opportunities. We design revenue streams that allow a wide range of access and scale with customer engagement. Let us help you find your niche.

We believe you’re one convo away from knowing your next partner in crime.

We create a marketing plan that works for you. Don’t like networking? Let’s just say, you don’t like networking yet. We believe you have a market already. You wouldn’t be chasing this idea if you didn’t think there were people out there who cared. We’re here to help you find those people, speak to them successfully, and build a network of like-minded individuals who can help you succeed. We do not believe it’s all about who you know - but we are experienced enough to understand that who you know can definitely help.

Makerspace Design and Planning

Business Model Design

There are a lot of things to consider when opening a makerspace. Do you want to be a one-stop-shop? Are you going to focus on a specific type of making? Who are you trying to reach? How much will you charge your members? How will members pay you and for what services? Your business model should reflect all of these decisions and more in order to map out a successful space. BCC will work with you using lean launch best practices and design thinking to create an informed model for your business that sets you up for sustainable success.

Market Research

An initial idea is often based on our personal experiences and assumptions. These are useful at the start but without detailed market research, the idea will become something impossible to implement. BCC can help close this gap, going out into the real world to identify potential partners and competition, asses the business landscape for areas of growth and opportunities, and find your future customers along with their needs and motivations. Market research will allow your idea to be impactful and reach those that will use it most.

Staff Vetting and Training

Hiring the right staff is an essential start to creating a culture that suits your makerspace and the community you serve. You need talented technicians who also have the social skills to be helpful mentors. You need strong retail and customer service workers who also have a passion for hands-on learning and making. Finding and attracting these specialized workers can be challenging, especially when digging through a stack of similar-seeming applications. BCC will use our past experience managing makerspace staff and our large network of Phoenix makers to help recruit, sort, hire, and train staff to fit your specific makerspace community.

Shop Layout Design

BCC is available to consult with your interior designer and/or architect to design a space that will accommodate both your equipment and your members. Placement and use of space have a huge impact on project workflow and members’ ability to move around safely while equipment is in use. With thoughtful layout design, your makerspace can be efficient, safe, and beautiful.

Curriculum Development

Project Workshops

Project-based learning is a powerful tool. A specific project can help makers understand how powerful technology can be applied to their own work. It can help them learn a new skill on machine they’ve used a million times before. It can knock the cobwebs lose and fuel a new bout of creativity. It can also be a great introduction to the world of making with a “souvenir” to take home and be show off to your friends, tightening the gap between products the consumer needs to buy and products the consumer can make themselves.

At BCC, we design fun project curriculum for a range of experience levels in multiple areas of making including a little something fun for 20-30 people or a more complicated piece for 3-5 experienced makers. These workshops are perfect for students, giving them a comfortable and welcoming environment to experience a makerspace, learn coding, or perfect skills for an above-and-beyond portfolio piece.

Safety Curriculum

From seasoned users to newbies, safety training on equipment is essential. Whether your members need to brush up on updates or new models or if they are just starting their maker journey, we create curriculum that will have everyone feeling comfortable and capable. So often safety training can turn into a series of worst case scenario stories that leave new users intimidated and uncertain. We believe there is a better way.

We create safety curriculum that ensures users understand why safety is important; the ins and outs of how a tool works; and a process for repeatable success for their own projects. We believe hands-on learning is the best way to learn how to use a tool and we pride ourselves in keeping our training light, fun, and effective.

STEAM Learning

BCC is passionate about engaging students in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). We emphasize STEAM over STEM because we believe art activates the imagination and leads to true innovation. We believe students should learn through exploration and will use our experience in teaching and mentoring STEAM students to create the perfect space for them to experience successes and failures. Why failures? Teaching students to embrace failure as a learning tool is an important part of our curriculum. A student unafraid of failure will be better at critical thinking and will not lose motivation when their first idea does not work out. With these values in mind, we will create a personalized experience for your group of STEAM students that considers class size, experience level, and time available.

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